Christmas Traditions: Strasburg Rail Road

Tradition and the Christmas Season are the best of friends. It is in the Christmas season, that we find ourselves celebrating with the ones we love; all of our favorite annual traditions. We do this to remind ourselves of who we are and what we love. We recreate our favorite memories and release ourselves to make more. Traditions are an integral and important part to creating connection, culture and companionship in family.

Our family has a lot of favorite Christmas traditions, that we celebrate together every year. They have become integral to our foundations as a family and the way we connect, create culture and community in the holiday season. I hope to share a few with you in the next week, on my blog.

In this blog post, we share our love for celebrating Christmas by stepping into the shadows of years past at the Strasburg Rail Road. There is something special about the romanticized idea of rail travel and the glorious echos of yesteryear over the Christmas Season.

Trust me, there is a special nostalgia in the air this Christmas season at the Strasburg Rail Road! The Strasburg Rail Road is America’s oldest operating railroad, and this year it hosts three Christmas events; Santa’s Paradise Express, The Night Before Christmas Train, and the Christmas Tree Train.

This year, we enjoyed the Santa’s Paradise Express. As you leave the station, the coal is heating your train car, and traveling brass musicians stop in each car to play for you the classic Christmas songs from yesterday. Shortly there after, Santa himself climbs aboard and visits buy zoloft online with families. He has a special gift for each child. Lastly, before arriving back at the station, two Christmas caroling ladies stop in each car and lead you in singing carols.

Want to know more? Explore these photographs below!

Tickets that take you right into a different era.
Locomotive 475 pulls into the station.
A traditional departing.
Talented Brass Musicians Playing Christmas Classics.
A Smooth and Relaxing Ride to Enjoy Time Together.
A Busy Station.
Christmas Decorations have taken over each individual car.
There is even an old Lancaster Trolley to ride.
Children enjoy storybook readings of holiday classics aboard the heated stationary Caboose.
Built in the early 1900s, this miniature steam train were most likely originally used at Coney Island, NY. Climb aboard the Pint-sized Pufferbelly!
These hand-propelled cars, which date back to the 1930s, allow little ones to take control as they crank their way around a track.
A Christmas tradition since 1959, Strasburg Rail Road welcomes a very special visitor every November and December.
Multiple train departure times each day, beginning at 11 am.

There are two other trains in addition to the Santa’s Paradise Express. Ride aboard the Christmas Tree Train to Leaman Place Grove where you can choose a pre-cut Frasier or Douglas Fir tree and have it delivered by steam on a flatcar back to the station. The Night Before Christmas Train is a very unique and special train that recreates the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate a Christmas Tradition, we invite you to make the Strasburg Rail Road your place for family Christmas tradition!

What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions?


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