Live from Exponential East in Orlando.

This year, as I move from Associate Pastor to Lead Pastor at East Petersburg Mennonite Church, I was encouraged to mark the change by taking a little over three weeks as a Transitional Break. Thankfully, that Transitional Break has provided me with the opportunity to get down to Orlando, for the Exponential East Conference of 2017. 

This is actually my first year attending the Exponential East Conference.

The Exponential East Conference is an annual resourcing event with various tracks of learning, including; discipleship, leadership, church planting, missional engagement, embracing multi-ethnic, church multiplication, multi-site growth, personal calling, engaging your community and much more.

Each year thousands of attendees attend Exponential East to be inspired by one-hundred speakers, journey though twenty tracks of learning, and learn through one-hundred-and-fifty workshops. There are other oppertunities of learning and resourcing through a pre-conference, various luncheons and other special cheap seroquel online moments designed to engage individuals with ideas and experienced leaders.

I’ve wanted to get down here for a few years, and I look forward to the various moments of worship, learning, conversation and networking.

It will be great to see what might we might take away to resource us at East Petersburg Mennonite Church, as we continue to be a community that is learning to live and love like Jesus.

It’s been a fun and adventurous trip down so far. I was able to come down on one of my favorite modes of transportation, the train.

If you are here for Exponential East, let’s connect. Everyone back home, you can actually tune into some of the moments through the conference’s live stream.

Below, you can find some highlights from my trip down.


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