Not Just a Bible Study: Studying for Discipleship through the Foundational Elements of Biblical, Core, and Personal Content.

Not Just a Bible Study: Studying for Discipleship through the Foundational Elements of Biblical, Core, and Personal Content.

I am getting pretty excited for our new study, Faith AND Works, a study through the book of James. I honestly believe it will be a very meaningful and memorable faith experience for all of us who are taking part in it. Katie McLain and I have been working hard in preparation for this series. In our hope to maximize the experience, we’ve laid groundwork around what we desire from this study and our gatherings.

There are three elements will guide and shape our time together. These three discipleship-based outcomes will shape our gathering to make it meaningful and memorable. The following three elements will also serve to facilitate the growth of character and competency in us.

  1. Biblical Content
    We want to deeply explore, know and understand the passage that we are studying.
  2. Core Content
    We want to integrate into our core the truth, values, and principles from this passage, Jesus, and the church.
  3. Personal Content
    Because discipleship is a relational endeavor, we want to create space where we are discipled and we disciple each other – offering also encouragement and accountability.

Our study through James is a space to be intentionally invested and committed to these three elements, as well as practicing to listen and respond to the voice of God.

What will make this study unique and powerful is the diversity of our group. We are very diverse in our life experiences, our understandings, and our ages. To use this diversity to our advantage, we must challenge ourselves to be committed to participation, gathering, and transparency. There are aspects of growing in faith and discipleship that are seemingly better caught than taught. You might also say that being disciples and discipling each other is really all about learning to calibrate the balance of both invitation and challenge in our community and in our lives. However, these short five-weeks will also bring a high sense of fun and play for us.

These three elements are actually identified by Author Michael Breen as essential to the success and fruitfulness of a discipling relationship. It isn’t enough to just know the content, we must understand the context. Additionally, must see the truths, principles, and values we discover integrated into the core and culture of who we are. If we think like that, than a Bible Study is never just a Bible Study – it’s the beginning of discipleship.

What do you think of the elements of BCD as a foundational and formational piece to a Bible study? What would you add or take away? Do you ever believe a Bible Study should just be a Bible Study?

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