Photographs from An Impromptu Trip of Rest to Assateague Island and Ocean City Maryland

I have always been an impromptu individual. Prior to having kids, it wasn’t uncommon for Katie McLain and I to just go somewhere on the whim, when we could afford it. Prior to be married, I lived more out of a suitcase and by my thumb them any other way.

There are times when life gets busy or stressful, that I find myself needing to remind myself of who I am and how I unwind. Impromptu beach trips to rest and remind myself, have defined a lot of my life, and continue to do so, even now with kids.

On Sunday, June 11, I decided to take an impromptu adventurous trip to Assateague Island, and Ocean City, with our two oldest girls, Anneli and Naomi. Sadly, Katie McLain had to stay home with our newborn daughter Emily, but was supportive of our trip away. We registered for an oceanside campsite on Assateague Island, and just camped out overnight in our Chevy Tahoe. When we arrived it was already late, but we enjoyed some laughs and campfire cooking – before heading to the Ocean City Boardwalk for some late night fun and memories. Before bed, we walked the beach on Assateague Island, and watched hundreds of crabs scattering around the sand and surf.

The weather was perfect, and one of my favorite things to do the first night was the Giant Wheel on the Jolly Roger Pier. The moon was almost full, and seemingly lit up the whole ocean and shoreline. The girls enjoyed winning stuffed animals on the boardwalk games, and playing in the various play areas along the Ocean City Boardwalk.

As the sun came up the next morning, we cooked some breakfast before heading to the private-campers beach of Assateague Island. The crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean were just about 500 feet from where we slept. For over four hours we did nothing but built sandcastle cities, watch crabs, listen to the crash of the waves and splash in the waves. After lunch, we found ourselves on the backside of the Island, exploring the Sinepuxent Bay, on our inflatable boat. It wouldn’t be a trip to Assateague Island without spotting some deer, saltmarsh flies and the wild ponies.

After a few hours of exploring the bayside, we were exhausted from water activities. We pulled into one of our favorite Dumser’s Dairyland locations.Late into the afternoon we took one last traverse on the Ocean City Boardwalk, and picked up some Fisher’s Popcorn for ‘mom,’ Katie McLain, who couldn’t make an impromptu trip with us.

These impromptu beach trips are seriously what keep me sane. I don’t know what your spot of rest is, but I would encourage you to find ways to create impromptu trips there, to find a deep reminder of rest and relaxation that replenishes you.

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