Practicing Wimber’s 7 Constants: Telling My Story, His Story and Our Story to the Merchandiser Community Newspaper

When John Wimber used to address church planters in the Vineyard, he had a list of important elements he encouraged them to live out.

I remember encountering and learning these elements through conversations, during my time in the Vineyard. However, recently they have been pushed out again for us by Missiologists Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im. Daniel and Ed have referred to them as the the seven constants. These elements really have the power to consistently create culture, contagiously spread vision and communicate the Gospel.

The first two elements on that list were to reminders to (1) Constantly Tell Your Story, and (2) Constantly Tell His (God’s) Story. John Wimber believed was that you cannot overshare these two things in all you do. Even when you have shared them a lot, you haven’t shared them enough.

(I would encourage you to read the article from Daniel Im , A Brief History of Recent Movements: 7 Constants Representing 2 Commitments, on the blog of Ed Stetzer.)

Lately, these seven elements have been really helpful reminders and foundations for me in my own adventure as Lead Pastor at East Petersburg Mennonite Church. They affect how I structure my efforts, and even how I’ve shaped my upcoming sermon series. In all I do, I want to find more and more opportunities to tell my story, and His story. In that realization, I also recognize and own that I want to share our story as a faith community – more and more. All of those stories really converge together for me in the hyper-local neighborhood context hat I believe God has placed me in.

I am very thankful, that recently I had some public opportunities to collaboratively share my story, His story and our story as a faith community. One of those opportunities has been in a newspaper article in our local Merchandiser Community Newspaper from Engle Publishing.

East Petersburg Mennonite Church has been in this neighborhood, longer than our neighborhood has been a Borough. Our Church has literally watched the neighborhood grow up around it. I believe we are in a season of discovering the purpose of the place God has placed us. That story, along with my own and God’s, is what I got to recently talk about with the Merchandiser Community Newspaper. 

I am very grateful to Danya at the Merchandiser Community Newspaper for writing this article on how these three things collide together for me.

I invite you to read this article from the Merchandiser Community Newspaper. I think it is a pretty good article. It is my hope that this article creatively, consistently and contagiously communicates my story, God’s story and our story as a faith community. It is my hope to gives a great glimpse into what God is writing into our story together.

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Thanks for reading. Let me say this, I don’t know what your story is – but I invite you to find ways to creatively and contagiously be constant storytellers of both your story and His. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to read  A Brief History of Recent Movements: 7 Constants Representing 2 Commitments.

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