Shipwrecked: Following Paul’s Seafaring Journey

Flier for our Shipwrecked Series at East Petersburg Mennonite Church
Poster for our Shipwrecked Series at East Petersburg Mennonite Church

On Sunday mornings at East Petersburg Mennonite Church, we’ve been in a series called Shipwrecked.

Shipwrecked follows Paul’s seafaring journey as a sentenced prisoner in chains. I believe that Paul’s seafaring journey teaches us to faithfully depend on God and stay-the-mission, even in the moments we feel bound by our circumstances. This has been a fun series for me to teach.

In his seafaring journey, Paul depended on God and stays-the-mission despite fearful moments of persecution, imprisonment, oppression, violent stormy seas, poisonous snakes and even while facing his own death.

Through this five-week series into Acts 27-28; it was my hope that we learned to mirror Paul’s dependence on God and stay-the-course, despite what circumstances we are seemingly sentenced prisoners too.

If you have trouble with watching them on this blog post, you can find them on YouTube. If you want the audio versions, you can find them on Google Play, BuzzSprout and iTunes.

If you want prayer or to talk about anything from this series, let’s connect.

– Jeff McLain

Week 1: Bound

Week 2: Anchored

Week 3: Stuck

Week 4: Malta

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