Spring Leadership Assembly Tonight! A Free Tool for Church Planters to Hit Your Target

Hit the Target!
Hit the Target!

This evening, we start our two-day Spring Leadership Assembly of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference. Our theme this year is Missional Movement and Multiplication. Throughout the weekend, church multipliers will be talking about key aspects of church planting and localized missional engagement.

As the Lead Pastor of East Petersburg Mennonite Church, I am super excited that we are hosting the event this year. As someone who is passionate about discipleship, church planting and church revitalization; I am excited to see a church multipliers event happening in our building.

Also, I am deeply honored to be able to speak both tonight and tomorrow. Tonight I get to share our story, “I am a Failed Church Planter.” Tomorrow, Katie and I lead a workshop on finding ways to be invested and integrated into your neighborhood context. Later on tomorrow, Katie and I are excited to be facilitating a panel discussion with church planters.

First, I’d invite you to pray for the event. Pray for the 89 individuals who have registered. We want to invest in disciples, who create churches! The Kingdom of God is a forward moving mission, we want to partner with God and gain ground with him.

This evening, in my story, I am going to introduce a tool I developed to help myself and church planters. I say it’s a tool to Stay On Target. Recently, I’ve even began to use this tool in analyzing the health of ministries in my life and in the church. I believe God has designed all of us to multiply. Listen to his voice this weekend and stay on target with your response to it. Let me introduce the tool below. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it helps me stay organized, and I hope it helps you keep on target.


  1. TARGET: Who is it that God has given you a vision for?
  2. VISION: What has God given you a vision for? What vision has God given you?
  3. VALUES: What does God want you to value? What simple foundations will be how you accomplish your vision, but shape your mission focus?
  4. GOALS: What goals do you envision? What fluid ideas do you hope to accomplish? Where do you want to go?
  5. BENCHMARKS: What are your measurements? What benchmarks will help you know if you are fruitful and achieving your mission?
  6. PATTERNS: What are your patterns for reproduction? How will you reproduce and multiply the mission focus God has given you?

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