Telling the story of UNTOLD, our five-week journey to unlock some untold sides of famous Biblical characters

We have just finished our third week, in a five-week journey at East Petersburg Mennonite Church, to unlock some untold sides of famous Biblical characters and situations to find the compassionate heart of God that extends both grace and mercy to the broken individuals he chooses to use.

I have had a lot of fun with this series so far. It’s been a good reminder for me about how much God extends favor and grace. It’s also been a reminder that God keeps his promises. In all honesty, I think it also has reminded us that some of our favorite stories are really full of messy situations, messy people and messy theology.

This series is available through our website, Google Play Music and iTunes. You can view our full archive since 2014, on BuzzSprout. Lastly, you can also watch these on our Untold Youtube playlist.

Three weeks ago, we looked at some untold sides of God’s righteousness, from the story of Noah. In doing so, we analyzed how the compassionate heart of God really extended his grace to Noah, making him righteous, because of his faith alone. Righteousness is a gift extended to us through the favor of God. It is not something we can earn. We realized that we live from an identity of self-centered righteousness too often, and not enough from a broken place defined by God’s righteousness.

Two weeks ago we looked at the untold side of God’s mercy, from the story of Moses. Despite his doubts, insecurities, weaknesses and brokenness – God continues to extend grace to Moses – time and time again. God does the same for the people Moses is leading, despite their grumbling, forgetfulness and backward looking sight. We looked at what happens when we allow mercy to permeate our identity and not just the moment.

This past week we looked at the untold side of God’s promise, from the story of Joshua. God uses Joshua, a boy born in slavery, to lead his people into their promise land. He instructs him to wait on the presence of God, before moving to action. God is faithful to remove all the obstacles out of their way as he moves after the presence of God. The story of Joshua teaches us how God invites us and equips us to live into his promises.

This has been a fun series for me so far. I am excited to see what the next weeks hold for us, and this series!

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