There’s Still Time To Support East Petersburg Day in the #ExtraGive!

The Extraordinary Give is Lancaster County’s Largest Day of Giving. This 24-hour giving marathon benefits more than 425 local organizations. Every dollar donated at on November 18 will be stretched with at least $300,000 from the Lancaster County Community Foundation, Rodgers & Associates, and our community partners to support the causes you care about.

The Community Foundation is committed to helping you make a difference and strengthening our local community benefit sector. The Extraordinary Give is a special way to bring these two goals together; a powerful day to show support to our local community and a way to give a little extra to those who need it most.

This is the first year that East Petersburg Day is participating in the ExtraGive.

The East Petersburg Events Committee is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that uses no tax-payer money. Their mission is to host family friendly events that are of mutual interest to both the visitors and residents of East Petersburg; in effort to strengthen their town through fostering community involvement and spirit.

I love volunteering for the East Petersburg Events Committee. My kids order seroquel xr love the way we invest in the culture and community of this town.

This is the first year that East Petersburg Day is participating in the ExtraGive. It’s a great event to be part of. It was my personal goal to raise at least $2,000 in our first year.

So far, we are well above my personal goal. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the #ExtraGive so far tonight. This is an exciting event. This is just a little over an hour left to make a supportive pledge.

We realize we cannot do these free events, or build our amphitheater, without the support of caring individuals and the sponsorship of compassionate organizations. Our supporters and sponsors mean everything.
As midnight draws near, please consider donating one last time or for your first time. Let’s build an Amphitheater together!

There is still time left to support East Petersburg Day in the #ExtraGive. It is not midnight yet! Every little bit, really does help.


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