UNTOLD: Finishing a five week journey of unlocking famous biblical stories

For the past five weeks at East Petersburg Mennonite Church, we have looked to unlock some untold sides of famous Biblical characters and situations, to find the compassionate heart of God that extends both grace and mercy to the broken individuals he chooses to use.

We just came to an end with this series. In all honesty, I think this was one of my favorite series to preach so far. It was a great opportunity to look at some messy sides of some biblical stories that we’ve made tame.

Below, you can find the full archive of this sermon series. It’s available in audio files, and through youtube videos. Let me know which story you most enjoyed re-reading!

If you want to talk about faith or anything you hear in these videos, leave a comment or contact me.


This final week, we gave a refreshed glance at the story of David, and how it teaches us to be people after God’s own heart.


A look at Deborah, and how God uses unusual characters to demonstrate his compassion. (Guest Speaker, Abigail Delp)


We looked at Joshua, and how God invites us and equips us to live into his promise.


Exploring the life of Moses, and how God extends his mercy, despite our insecurities.


Rereading the story of Noah, and how righteousness is extended to us from God through the favor of God, and not by anything we do.

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