I'm Jeff McLain, just a guy from East Petersburg, PA.

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I am Jeff McLain


I am Jeff McLain, just a guy from East Petersburg, PA. I am a Coffeeholic. I admittedly drink more cups of coffee in a day, than I drink of water in a week. I've been wearing Chuck-Taylor sneakers for twenty years. I don't see a need to stop wearing them now. I grew up in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. However, I traveled the United States on and off for over twelve years and called a lot of places home. These days, I call East Petersburg Pennsylvania my home. It's there that I am a punk rock influenced dad and Mennonite practicing simplicity, neighboring and missional community. I love being a dad. I am also the Associate Pastor at East Petersburg Mennonite Church. We are a community learning to live and love like Jesus in East Petersburg, Pa. This is just a small glimpse of who I am. I would invite you to discover my "about me" page and learn about the things that have made me and explore the many places, projects and things I am involved in.

Jeff McLain's Blog

A mix of intentionally creative and insanely incoherent thoughts from a guy in East Petersburg, PA.