Pyle Pro PDMIC78 Dynamic Microphone

Review of Pyle-Pro PDMIC78 Dynamic Microphone

This blog is not for professional sound engineers and techs. This blog is a review of the Pyle-Pro PDMIC78 Dynamic Microphone as an affordable microphone for church planters, small churches, missional communities and the like – that are on a tight budget but need to desperately … More


Don’t miss Michael Roe and The Choir in Manheim, PA.

are you doing on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015? I invite you to join me and Katie McLain in experiencing GRAMMY®-nominated indie rockers The Choir live in Manheim, PA. The Choir recently announced plans to give fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their landmark album, Circle … More


Ethos of the Kingdom. Learning the DNA of the Kingdom of God

I am really excited about our upcoming series at East Petersburg Mennonite Church. Our new series is called the Ethos of the Kingdom. This is a series about learning the DNA of the Kingdom of God through the Beatitudes. We’ve been on a reflective journey though our “Upside … More


Friday’s Blog Rewind

It’s Friday. We are heading into the weekend. Time for a Blog Rewind. The weekend is a great time to get caught up on some rest and relaxation. It’s also a time in which many of us finding ourselves available to get caught up on … More

Jeff McLain blogs about the Missional Implications from the tale of John Henry.

Missional Implications from the tale of John Henry.

One of my favorite American folklore stories is the traditional tale of the mighty hammer swinging John Henry. The story of John Henry has become more legend than factual memoir, but the importance can still be found even throughout this narrated account. As the generalized … More