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Hello. I am Jeff McLain, and I want to thank you for visiting my website. My journey has taken me from exploring spirituality and seeking adventure to encountering Jesus and becoming a pastor—and I've truly embraced every step of this path. 

I am committed to pursuing a well-lived life marked by spiritual sojourning, life-long learning, the power of story, and connecting with others. Most of all, I seek to understand what it means to lead a quiet life at a slower pace while embracing simplicity and faith amidst a chaotic world and a church driven by excess. 

Growing up, I was inspired by Jesus, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the California Raisins, and The Clash. In many ways, those influences continue to shape my perspective and define who I am today. I continue on a spiritual pilgrimage toward and with Jesus. I have a long way to go, but through it all, I marvel at the created and natural world, enjoy good music, and push back on the darkness surrounding us. 

Pursuing a well-lived life.

As Director of Pastoral Ministries at Water Street Mission in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I work among those suffering from homelessness and poverty. Also, I serve as the pastoral leader at River Corner Church, a growing church community of everyday people who gather to worship God, follow Jesus, and journey through life together.

For more than seventeen years, Katie and I have been happily married and made our home in Lancaster. Our love story began when we crossed paths in an East Coast diner after Katie left the golden sunsets of Orange County, California, to attend college in Pennsylvania. These days, we keep busy raising three wonder-filled daughters. 

I am passionate about baseball, boardwalks, beaches, bays, and books, but nothing tops the joy of spending time with my family. We often explore the outdoors and open roads. Together, we journey to lead a quiet life in which faithfulness is cultivated by simplicity and a deliberate pace amidst the chaos of our fast-paced world.

A story marked by spiritual sojourning. 

My path to this point has been far from conventional. In my late teens and twenties, I embarked on a quest for meaning and purpose by way of adventure, immersing myself in concert promotions, activism, spiritual sojourns, and hitchhiking. These adventures had me crisscrossing the country several times, leaving me with a trove of stories and unique encounters with God that eventually brought me back to Jesus, Jesus’ cause, and Jesus’ church. My path shifted even more when I encountered the kindness and investment of an inconspicuous local pastor who intentionally walked with me in meaningful ways.

I am committed to lifelong learning.

Given my commitment to lifelong learning, I am enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at Kairos University and am finishing a Master of Business Administration (concentrated in Executive Leadership) at City Vision University. I also completed both a Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry and a Master of Arts in Global Leadership at Fuller Seminary. Previously, I graduated summa cum laude with a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and an Associate Degree in Christian Ministry and Leadership from City Vision University. My additional academic pursuits include the completion of several other academic and professional classes and programs and participation in learning communities.

Learning the power of story.

I believe there is power in knowing our story, reflecting on and understanding the profound narratives that connect, inspire, and shape our worldview. There is also power in knowing the scriptures. Reflecting on and understanding the stories of God helps us experience God and transform our perspectives and realities. The power of story fuels me as a blogger, teacher, and podcaster. I regularly share my insights and perspectives via my personal website and the Patheos blog, Lead a Quiet Life, as well as in the Discovering God Podcast and the River Corner Church Podcast. Additionally, I seek to discover the stories of the world around us and those in my life, as stories carry wisdom, evoke emotions, and bridge diverse experiences, allowing us to empathize, learn, and find common ground. I also want to tell stories in a way that ignites the imagination, invokes transformation, and creates a shared understanding that transcends boundaries. 

Let's connect for a conversation.

If you are interested in engaging in conversations, or if you are seeking speaking engagements, coaching services, or consulting with me, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. You can also connect with me through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

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