For the past few years, I have served as the Director of Pastoral Ministries, at a mission that is focused on missionary, relief and rescue work of all kinds - as a way of walking with our neighbors who are experiencing marginalization and poverty. Part-time, I also serve as the pastoral leader of a small church community of everyday people who gather to worship God, follow Jesus, and journey through life together. Over the past fifteen years, I have served in several churches, non-profits and oversaw an online program for a small college. Interestingly, my earlier vocational experiences were varied from retail to concert promotions, from animal training to serving, and from the railroad to serving as a limousine chauffeur.

Through my experiences, I have developed skills in program development, training, teaching, leadership, strategic planning, networking, relationship development and program management. I am a caring and creative individual who is highly organized and detail-oriented; focused on excellence in care, communication, marketing and event coordination.

I have been married to Katie for over sixteen years. Though we were raised on opposite coasts, our journey together started when we unexpectedly crossed paths at the same time in a diner on the east coast. Since then, our love-at-first-sight story has spanned many adventures and has resulted in three beautiful and wonder-filled daughters - and a hodgepodge of pets.

Even though I only started my educational journey in my thirties, I have worked hard to become a diversified and accomplished student. I have looked to grow as a leader, follower of Jesus I graduated with a Master of Arts in Ministry and Theology from Fuller Seminary and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from City Vision University. Currently, I am completing a Master of Arts in Global Leadership also at Fuller Seminary. In the past, I also completed undergraduate certificates in Biblical Leadership and Biblical Studies at the Vineyard Institute, Pastoral Ministry at Eastern Mennonite University, Professional Photography at New York Institute of Photography, and I have taken various other classes and programs through other colleges and by participating in learning community experiences.

Leadership may define the past fifteen years of my journey, but throughout my late teens and my twenties, I went on a search for meaning and adventure. Those years were defined by my involvement in concert and event promotions, but also working as a roadie, stage and artist manager. I have hosted events for hundreds and thousands of people. For many years, I also was invested in activism and adventure-seeking; both of which led me to traveling and hitchhiking several times across the country. These are still some of my favorite stories to tell. Through some unique encounters with God and the investment of a local pastor, I found myself on a different path.

Personally, I am still a spiritual and adventure seeker who grew up inspired by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jesus, the California Raisins and The Clash. These days, I am also an avid fan of baseball and reading books - but also exploring the bays, beaches and boardwalks of the east coast.

I am available for conversations, speaking, coaching and consulting. Please reach out to me with an email at jeffmclain@me.com to start a conversation. Also, you can connect with me on the following social networks; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or YouTube.