Jeff McLain

"When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself." - Jacques Yves Cousteau

I have over ten years of experience in senior leadership roles, over fifteen years in event promotions and extensive experience in service-oriented environments.

As a leader, I enjoy working in liminal spaces, building coalitions towards a shared mission or common goal with those that may have a different paradigm or perspective.

Over the years, I have developed strengths in cultivating relationships, providing creative solutions, developing collaborations, coaching others, finding ways to be resourceful, facilitating transformative change and effective communication.

As a church leader, I have existed in the liminal space between the neighborhood and the church, and between the disillusioned and the faithful. Throughout my experience I have helped the church to explore new expressions of mission, community, strategy, and shared visions. My heart is very much around walking with individuals in a coaching and mentoring discipling paradigm through intentionality and shared life.

I welcome opportunities to serve, collaborate or coach in program development, nonprofit management, training, teaching, pastoral leadership, strategic planning, networking, relationship development, project management and marketing.