The Lord's Prayer

As a student in the Doctor of Ministry program at Kairos University, I am exploring the theological and practical foundations of utilizing the Lord’s Prayer in discipleship, communal contexts, and with those on a spiritual pilgrimage.  This page is crafted to serve as a central hub that organizes and presents my research findings, reflections, and objectives. 

These are notes (highlights and quotes) from the materials I have read and researched. 

These are reviews from the materials I have read and researched. 
These are resources I have developed or utilized in my research and reflections.
  • Seven Intercessory Prayer Prompts for our Guests at Water Street Mission based on the Lord's Prayer.
  • The Rhythm of Prayer A series looking into the transformative experience of prayer, focusing on the Lord’s Prayer to cultivate greater intentionality, intimacy, and illumination, seeking a rejuvenated prayer discipline that sustains spiritual renewal and challenges traditional, duty-bound approaches.
  • A Book Review Template This is the template I will use to review the resources I encounter in my research.
These are commitments and determinations that I am making concerning my studies.

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