The Best of 2023: Top 4 Episodes That Defined the Discovering God Podcast Journey

The top 4 episodes of the Discovering God Podcast. Photograph by Jordan Graff on Unsplash.
In 2023, I teamed up with Rip Wahlberg to co-host the Discovering God Podcast. Through the Discovering God Podcast, our hope is that individuals will have a direct encounter with God by engaging with the scriptures. Our goal is to help make the scriptures, theology, and faith understandable. If you have not checked out our podcast yet, I would encourage you to check out a few episodes. This podcast is accessible in both audio and video formats, with production and editing handled by Blake Whalberg of In The Wild Media Group

Over the past year, we have conversed about many topics on the Discovering God Podcast. Some of those topics have ranged from the significance of the church to barriers people face in finding faith, but also exploring subjects such as fame within the church, and the advantages and disadvantages of systematic theology. Recording approximately 13 episodes in 2023, the Discovering God Podcast is gradually expanding its audience. It appears that the video version of our podcast has gained slightly more traction than the audio version.

As I look back at 2023, I found it interesting to reflect on what four episodes were our most popular. Our new podcast may not be able to claim groundbreaking streaming records, but the growing influence of our podcast has been both humbling and unexpected. Additionally, I have found recording this podcast has become a growing experience for me as a teacher and communicator. I am eager for the future of our podcast, and also to share the top 4 video podcasts of the past year (2023) with you.

Top Four Video Podcasts

These are the top four video podcast episodes of the Discovering God Podcast of 2023.

Episode 12: Fame in the Church

In this most popular episode, we look at the problem of fame.

Episode 19: Is Deconstruction For You?

In our second most popular episode, we look at deconstruction.

Episode 14: Biblical Theology

In our third most popular episode, we analyze Biblical Theology.

Episode 13: The Pros and Cons of Systematic Theology

In our four most popular episode, we analyze Systematic Theology.

Thank you for joining us on the incredible journey of the Discovering God Podcast throughout 2023. As we reflect on the past year, it's heartening to see the growth and impact so far. In the year ahead, we continue to commit to making scriptures, theology, and faith understandable, providing a platform for direct encounters with God through engaging discussions.

We invite you to watch, like, and subscribe to the Discovering God Podcast. Your support means the world to us, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you. Stay tuned for more engaging content, and thank you for being a part of our growing community.

Discovering God Podcast by Rip Wahlberg and Jeff McLain.


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